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Telecommunications Infrastructure

ISP/WISP, Distribution & Coverage, Wi-Fi / IPTV, Support Services
Design and implementation of wired and wireless infrastructure (structured cabling, network equipment, telecommunication equipment, antennas etc.), Internet access services and distribution of Wi-Fi and TV signal in all hotel areas, taking into account the specificities of the hotel and its needs (e.g. distribution via coaxial cable using the DOCSIS protocol, IP telephone exchanges, Headend).


High-tech reliable internet access

Complete coverage of all your network needs, from the provision and access to the Internet to the reliable and uninterrupted distribution to all areas (indoor or outdoor) and to your hotel rooms!
High-tech reliable internet access
Our company is an official WISP (Wireless Internet Service Provider). For the creation and installation of your wireless network, we are the most suitable to provide and install carrier-grade equipment suitable for your needs, however demanding they may be.

Through the latest generation wireless networks and the use of 5GHz MIMO technology, we offer you high quality broadband services in the Greek territory. By using wireless technology, subscribers can enjoy an uninterrupted active connection and an ever-increasing diversity of value-added services.

High-speed Internet Access Service in Hotels

Wireless Connections

  • P2P (point-to-point)
  • P2MP (point-to-multipoint)

Technology suppliers: Mimosa, Mikrotik, Netonix

dvanced Bandwidth provisioning and management technologies

  • Exploitation of multiple physical media
  • Exploitation of low-cost commercial connections
  • High network availability
  • Modern backbone facilities with infrastructure in the Cloud
  • Complete independence from terrestrial network deployment
  • No constraints and commitment
  • High data security

Now the hotels of Crete have their own



EAG has been providing wireless broadband access services in the geographical area of Crete since 2015, which is known to be a metropolitan area of Greek tourism.

We have deployed Backbone and Backhaul wireless broadband network, consisting of 9 Base Stations (BSU/Fiber-POP) and 10 Hops (SOP), which is currently extended to the prefectures of Heraklion and Chania, where it covers the northern coastline of these prefectures and currently includes over 70 tourism businesses, mainly hotels.

The wireless broadband network operates according to the international standards and regulations of the competent international organizations FCC, IEEE and the Greek competent authority EETT.

EAG is a licensed wireless network provider (WISP) by EETT. Therefore, all the stations and hops of the wireless network are registered, and the corresponding antennas have been declared to EETT.



Ensuring high speeds for internet access via the same coaxial cable used for TV channels. ur range of products and expertise also covers any remediation of an obsolete or inadequate TV network. Transitioning – upgrading the network to support both TV and internet can be achieved without disruption to the day-to-day activities of the hotel.

Our solution provides seamless wireless network coverage with high data speeds for both rooms and public areas. Guests are guaranteed to be connected to the internet, ensuring constant access to various online services. The solution uses the existing TV network without the need for special cabling and active Ethernet equipment.


High Speed Wireless Internet Access Service in Hotels

High Speed Wireless Internet Access Service in Hotels
  • Collaboration with the leading Wi-Fi technology brands (Cisco, Ruckus, Mikrotik, Ubiquiti) at the best prices in the market.
  • With controller / Without controller
    (SDN: Software Define Networks)
  • NAT / Bridge Mode → Free / Charge

The Most Modern and Reliable Solutions


Give your customers the IPTV & High-Speed Wi-Fi service experience, using existing coaxial cabling.


tel customers demand better SmartTV, Wi-Fi και Internet services than what they have at home. However, many buildings do not have the necessary cabling (Ethernet) installed.

In cooperation with Teleste, we offer you an innovative yet cost-effective solution for high Internet speeds, as well as IPTV services in every room using only the TV cabling, without costly and intrusive building-specific installations.

What is IPTV?

The IPTV system transmits the picture as data rather than as a live broadcast signal. This provides flexibility for the business to offer additional channels in the room, as well as premium content.

What is coaxial cabling?

Coaxial cable is a shielded carrier used to carry the television signal to the televisions.



What is DOCSIS?

DOCSIS has been the most recognized international telecommunications standard for the transmission of Internet data over coaxial cable for the last 20 years (1997), today it is widely used in the provision of broadband services by telecommunications providers.


  • Utilizes existing coaxial cabling, requires power, and a single IP connection.
  • No need to use CAT5/CAT6 Ethernet cabling infrastructure in buildings.
  • Each network terminal can provide reliable Data, Voice and IPTV services.
  • It has an easy graphical management interface (Dashboard).
  • Offers compatibility with all cable modems and DOCSIS TVs.
  • Provides a local Wi-Fi hotspot in each room.
  • A 200-room hotel with 40% simultaneous Wi-Fi usage provides over 10Mbps access to each room individually.
  • Each DAH access hub can serve at least 400 DOCSIS 3.0 cable modems.


What is Luminato?

The Luminato central unit is a digital IPTV management system that can receive multiple signals from satellite, cable, as well as other local IPTV sources.

It is capable of decoding encrypted content, which it redistributes either as is or by re-encryption.


Advantages of Luminato:

  • TV channels are configured by the user with simple drag and drop directly within the GUI. In this way, only the selected channels are broadcast via radio signal and IPTV.
  • The TV program data (EPG) is configured either locally or from external sources and sent to the distributed channels, where it is continuously updated with the information of the current and next program.
  • All of the equipment components are mounted in a single 1U, low-power rack unit, reducing the heat, space and electricity that would otherwise be required by multiple set-top-boxes.
  • A fully equipped Luminato unit can support over 100 channels while consuming less than 100 watts of power! With the corresponding modules, Luminato can be configured to support the entire needs of any business.

Technical Support For You

Full service and coverage of all your technical needs from our extensive nationwide network of specialized technicians.

It is a service offered to the end business customer to meet their technical support needs regarding their telecommunications installations.

The Service The S4U service has been operating for a decade, integrated in the broader business planning of the Euroaxes Group, with great success, serving the SLAs of the main telecommunications providers (Wind, Vodafone, etc.). It is worth mentioning that in recent years Euro-axes has been first by far from second in the quality criteria of the providers for the services provided.

The extensive and long-standing experience of the staff in the provision of maintenance services

(both in preventive and repressive services), as well as in the activation and installation of new telecommunication services, is a guarantee for the proper operation of all telecommunication infrastructures of the customer and the protection of his investment.


  • Nationwide coverage with trained and certified technical staff belonging to Euroaxes
  • A modern, privately owned, state-of-the-art fault detection center, located at 1 Kimolou Street in Athens, which operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Specialized Telecommunication Services

  • Specialized technical support to customers of telecommunications service providers, Telephony, xDSL, IP-TV and Video on Demand.
    FULL & SHARED LLU control from both ends.
  • Implementation design, installation, and certification of internal LAN network installations for telecom service provider clients’ companies.
  • Distribution, installation, and technical support of data & voice networks to residential and business customers.
  • Undertake quality upgrade projects of telecommunication networks.
  • Participation and implementation of national and European projects related to the objects of telecommunication and IT companies according to international certified standards.
  • Specialised Staff
  • Over 20 years of experience in large and medium sized projects of telecom operators and providers.
  • Excellent knowledge of the infrastructure & development of the (former) public (PSTN, ISDN), telecommunication network in the country.
  • Immediate diagnosis and resolution of the most complex and combined faults of our customers.
  • Technical staff of field work of higher & higher education and with many years of expertise in field services projects and field services.
  • Panhellenic network of technicians