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Advisory services

Financial services, NSRF / Development Law, GDPR
Providing specialized financial and consulting services for the operational, modernization and management of your hotel. Extensive experience in the preparation, submission, and overall management of NSRF funded Programmes, as well as compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Financial Services

Aiming for growth

Knowing the value of a business and the factors that shape it is an important tool and indication of where the business is and, more importantly, how it can improve in the long term. We provide specialized financial services to high quality corporate clients currently operating in the domestic and international markets regardless of industry sector and financial size.
  • Preparation of Cost of Capital Studies
  • Provision of tax services / advice
  • Business alliances (clustering)
  • Utilisation of modern financing instruments (Leasing, Sale & Lease Back, Factoring, etc.)
  • Exploitation of subsidy opportunities through European Programmes

NSRF / Development Law

Business Subsidies

Our extensive experience in the field of Subsidized Programs allows us to undertake the preparation of your business plan, the drafting and submission of the proposal and the comprehensive management, monitoring and overall administration of your approved Investment Project.


NSRF 2014 – 2020 Grant Programmes

The objective of the NSRF 2014-2020 is the revival of the Greek economy with the recovery and upgrading of the productive and social fabric of the country and the creation and maintenance of sustainable jobs, with the focus on extrovert, innovative and competitive entrepreneurship and driven by the strengthening of social cohesion and the principles of sustainable development.

Indicative actions:

  1. “Quality Modernisation”, aiming at improving the competitiveness of medium-sized enterprises by investing in their productive modernisation and the adoption of standardisation & certification systems.
  2. We are doing business “Outside”, aiming to support the international promotion of SMEs with an outward orientation
  3. “Competitiveness Toolkit for Small and Micro Enterprises”.
  4. “Research-Create-Innovate” – Cycle 2
  5. ‘Upgrading micro and small enterprises to develop their capacities in new markets’ – Cycle B
  6. “Modern Manufacturing” aiming at the transformation of the manufacturing production base of the Greek Economy into new or diversified production lines, products and manufacturing services with an outward orientation.
  7. Support to tourism enterprises
  8. Action ‘Strengthening the environmental industry’.
  9. Networking of enterprises (creation of clusters, meta-clusters), with the aim of creating domestic value chains.
  10. Upgrading of franchising companies.


Specialized services

What is GDPR?

  • GDPR is the new EU General Data Protection Regulation.
  • It concerns the use of consumers’ personal data by businesses/companies.
  • All organizations will have to reshape how they collect, manage and process personal data and how they communicate with them.

Following best practices and international standards, we provide specialized services fully aligned to your needs and requirements, ensuring maximum harmonization of your unit to the requirements of the new institutional and legal framework. The services are provided by a dedicated team covering all necessary functional areas, namely the compliance of your hotel with both the legal and technical security requirements of the GDPR.

In particular, hoteliers you should check:

  • Data collection
  • Consent for Marketing Campaigns
  • Data Lists for Marketing Campaigns
  • Data Retention
  • Personalized Profiling and Customer Tracking
  • Workforce data.
  • Relationship with third parties (travel agents, booking engines, third-party websites, etc.)