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Following the new decisions for a general lockdown announced by the government, the EUROAXES Group will continue its operations taking all necessary measures for the COVID-19 pandemic and following the guidelines of the World Health Organization and the WHO. As always, our priority is the safety of our Executives & Associates.

The company has been successfully implementing the Business Continuity Plan for operating in a crisis since last March, and all of its staff have fully and successfully responded to this new situation.

The company has provided specifically for our group’s technical staff, who continue to carry out all operations safely, in full compliance with all the rules of the HSE, with a special Covid Kit, which includes hand antiseptics, gloves, respifield masks, special tactile T2400 protective goggles.

With the imposition of the new curfew measures, all staff are working according to the new guidelines, and teleworking is already in place.

With responsibility, caution and optimism from all of us, we will all come out of this ordeal together wiser and stronger!

Take care and be well, everyone!


COVID-19: Operating Instructions